Glorious and Grace’s Story

After losing her mother at the age of 8, Glorious and her siblings were mistreated and abused by their new stepmother, going without food and water for days. The abuse caused Glorious to drop out of school and leave home at 14 yrs old to find work in Kampala. She worked as a housemaid but wasn’t paid enough to take care of herself and her siblings so she began employment as a bar attendant.


After work one night Glorious was raped by a local man and later found herself pregnant. She was fired because of her pregnancy and rented a small room where she lived alone waiting the arrival of her newborn. After giving birth, Glorious found food on the streets to feed herself and her baby as she had no money. She was alone and wanted desperately to continue schooling to care for her child so she would read whatever she could and write stories about her life to encourage others.

Set Her Free has taken Glorious and her baby Grace into their care. Grace was watched and cared for in the SHF nursery while Glorious was away studying at boarding school with her SHF sisters. Glorious is now nearing the end of her Senior school and hopes to attend the University. She wants to be a journalist and is always writing stories and children’s books. Grace is now 5 years old and has a sponsor of her own and attends nursery school. We at Set Her Free are very proud of what they both are accomplishing.