Empowering the next generation of Ugandan women
Empowering the next generation of Ugandan women
Empowering the next generation of Ugandan women
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Our Mission

Set Her Free equips Uganda’s most vulnerable girls and young women with the knowledge and skills that they need to lead self-determined lives, forever breaking the cycle of poverty.




For Ugandan females, choice is a luxury.
​Just being a female poses risks in Uganda that are unimaginable in developed countries. A girl growing up in Kampala’s urban slums may face a future where she must drop out of school because the cost of education is too high. Or feel pressured into commercial sex work to earn a living. If she is married, she is more likely than not to be beaten by a husband who also feels powerless.

For these women, education and training offer access to choices.


The right tools enable young women to choose life.

Rehabilitative Services
Our social workers create individualized strategies for each beneficiary, from temporary housing to life skills courses to counseling—building confidence, self-awareness, and leadership.
Health Services
We provide medical services to mitigate disparate health outcomes in our community; these interventions include HIV testing, sexual and reproductive health education, food security support, and clinical referrals.
Formal Education
We provide full academic scholarships to some of Uganda’s most academically rigorous boarding schools, universities, and training institutes to qualifying beneficiaries.
Vocational Training
​We offer an intensive six-month vocational training course, which develops valuable, in-demand skills and prepares students for the unique challenges of Uganda’s economic climate. ​

Young women like Glorious and her baby Grace are paving the way for the next generation.
Glorious was an abused runaway who struggled to raise a baby on the streets until she found a home at Set Her Free. Glorious was able to study at boarding school with her SHF sisters, while Grace was in daycare. Both mother and daughter now have the chance to start fresh.


You can help transform a young woman’s future.
100% of your contribution will go directly to education, training, housing, or sponsorship.